Ancient and noble land, Castel Durante, living in the heart of Metauro, was elected, during Renaissance, by Duke Francesco Maria II as his “home”, place where he could devote himself to the “domestic” pleasures of hunting at Barco estate and summer baths in Metauro water. His name changed in Urbania: little city with a series of arches from where artisans and potters’ ateliers came out, among alleys and ancient buildings.

Surrounded by walls, Metauro flows in its green and curvy meander and around, a fertile valley framed by sweet slopes, hosts fields of wheat grown with love, from which we extract flour for our pasta: noble for quality and goodness as well. That’s why we choose to call us Pasta Durante, a name which formalize the bond with our field and history.

A common place, surrounded by charming landscapes, between woods, valleys and hills, holy places to Piero della Francesca, which we can find in his beautiful paintings.

Pasta Durante packaging design was inspired by history, art, majolica, pavements and churches in Urbania: modular bichromatic pattern, technological and kaleidoscopic for a global communication.

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