Pasta Durante has an harmonious and full taste, fresh and rich at the same time. His scent is felt right away, since the water bubb.

Our pasta is the outcome of the same will, searching for the aroma and the texture excellence, because its production is an art which needs to go through complicated steps, connected on a fragile balance: grain quality, dough realization with the right level of humidity, the extrusion by bronze wire drawing machine, slow and low temperature drying, natural cooling and manual packaging.

To the pure water from Monte Catria and Nerone, we only add raw materials chosen carefully: durum wheat flour, whole wheat flour, eggs rigorously selected from farmers who share with us the high quality goal.

We work the grain with respect and experience, developing the right balance between ingredients in order to obtain the toughness at cooking and flavor perfection. Everything is born from wise hands, as in an old atelier where the manufactured product follows a tradition, slow and prepared with attention to the smallest details. The durum wheat flour is obtained from the heart of the grain, inside the mills situated in the south of Marche region, biological certified and stocked in location.

the origins of Ugo Guerra choice is linked to a special family, settled in the territory and tradition, livened up by a big passion and dedication for Pasta lab. Hard work, artisan attention, intuition and persistency characterized the twenty-years experience in the art of making pasta.

Stefano Leoni family’s fields are cultivated since decades by Stefano Cappelli , famous for his excellent high quality wheat, for making the best quality pasta, for his pureness. Dark are his sheaf of wheat, big his grain, tall his trunks which bend to wind and rain.

The taste arises from the Metauro shore.

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